Endless Summer

I spent my summer painting! I have been focused on trying to incorporate acrylic paints into my creative stream.

Early July I was proposed with an idea and a commission. The patron asked me to create a piece inspired by the popular video game Kingdom Hearts but with a Natatat twist. It was my pleasure to do so! I enjoyed the process and am ever so grateful for the opportunity to paint this idea into reality. My goal was to take the composition of the Kingdom Hearts characters and place my characters in that same composition and in Halloween costumes. The piece is 14×18 on a Trekell wooden panel and painted in acrylic.

I look forward to more commissions!

I also completed an original piece of artwork. The piece was inspired by Steamboat Willie and classic Mickey Mouse comics by Floyd Gottfredson. I wanted to capture a silly character taking a stroll in a spooky forest. The piece was created on a 12×16 Trekell wooden panel and painted in acrylic.

I’m proud of myself that i’ve taken the route less traveled in my art and have accepted the challenge of working in acrylic. Graphite was my safety medium. Now, I want to master acrylic.

A new piece is in the works and will soon be revealed. Stay Tooned!

Peace, Love, Positivity,


“Each Step I leave behind me, a flower grows there.”


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