Q: How do I purchase original artwork? 

A: Visit the shop at the top of the page and you will see all available artwork for sale.

Q: Do you do commissioned illustrations?

A: Yes, if and when I have the available time. When I do take on commissions, I prefer to have creative control to ensure that the final piece is a true Natatat vision.

Q: How long do commissions usually take?

A: The time frame depends on the size, how many characters and the mediums involved. For a more simple commission I usually take about 2 weeks (not including shipping time).

Q: Will you draw a custom tattoo design for me?

A: I would love to but I’ll leave that to a professional tattoo artist. They will know what’s best when it comes to body art.

Q: What inspires you? 

A: Cartoons, music, movies, Tim Burton, Walt Disney, Walter Lantz, Salvador Dali, Looney Tunes, Edward Gorey, Mary Blair the list goes on and on.

Q: Do you own a dog? 

A: Yes I do! His name is Niko and he is the cutest dog ever! 

Q: Will you draw a logo for me?

A: Yes I would love to! Visit my contact page and lets see what great things we can make happen.

Q: What types of art tools do you use?

Staedtler graphite pencils, tortillons, micron ink pens, acrylic paint, Strathmore 300 series 80 lb. paper, tracing paper, gum erasers and gray kneaded erasers. 

Q: Any advice for an aspiring artist? 

A: Practice your craft. Dedicate time to your craft. Create each piece with the intention that it will be your best. Have fun but make your deadlines & be kind to everyone!