As I flip through my sketchbook I wonder what does my artwork say about my me as an artist. There are dark elements, there are Halloween & outer space themes, desserts that express themselves, dapper characters with mischievous looks, and vixen pin ups, but what does it mean? My thoughts are scattered but bound by my imagination. When my pencil touches the paper I’m building a relationship between characters, telling a story & allowing people to see what creative thoughts lurk in my mind waiting to be taken from the shadows of my subconscious. At times the relationship between pencil and paper can be built without resistance, other times not so much. Every moment I’m inspired by everyday life, fragmented memories of my childhood & day dreams.

My childhood days will never be behind me, Dr. Seuss illustrations will always be a reference for me, Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas will continue to impact my creations & early Mickey Mouse cartoons will cleverly sneak into my work.

As of late i’ve been more determined to show my work to the public. When I first began illustrating I would never show my art nor would I ever call myself an artist or illustrator when introducing myself.  As I grew more confident in my work and people started to notice the skill involved, I am now proud to call myself an artist.


Natalie “Natatat” Becerra was born in 1982 in Santa Monica, California. She loved playing outside, riding her bike up and down bay st., and finally when the streets lights would come on & it was time to go inside her imagination would run wild while she was cooped up at night. Her dreams were vivid and she knew she had something special she just didn’t know what.

After losing her Father in 1992 life was dark for awhile. Death was a new theme in her life and she was curious about the other side of life. Halloween became a time of year where she could outwardly obsess about death and receive delicious treats while doing so. Now she indulges in Halloween all year round.

During high school her interest in art flourished, excelling in all her art classes, and spending her nights drawing she realized her focus needed to be aimed on art. Natalie took art classes at community college and fell in love with illustrating. Being able to create stories through artwork and design new characters became an obsession for her and she hasn’t stopped since. Natalie works late into the night when the world slows down and all is quiet. Rarely will she get to bed “at a reasonable hour.” During those late hours her thoughts knock like a “rat-a-tat” at the door to her imagination. Nat-a-tat opens the door and lets her imagination out to run wild. Her artwork is available for purchase through this site & she can always be contacted about commission projects. Natatat works out of her art studio in Los Angeles, California.